The storm – This spectacle is used to represent the turning point for Lear, the point at which Lear turns into his downfall and rabbit-hole of insanity as his daughters are all against him and want to strip him of everything he has. The imagery that the storm creates is a sense of anger that is raging inside of Lear at the moment. Shakespeare used the storm due to the large scale of a storm as it is supposed to be some menacing, unstoppable force.

The fools songs – This is a use of melody in the play where the fool is singing what an unaware King Lear is being at that moment. The fools job is to bring entertainment to the king so the true meaning behind the fools songs are going over Lear’s head as Lear believes that the fool is just singing a cherry tune.

Clothes – The clothes on a king are said to be of quality to represent the power of a person, although here Shakespeare has used to it to symbolise a characters mental state. A comparison from the start of the play to where Lear is at his lowest, is that Lear started with very magnificent where he found himself feeling invincible and in control whereas near the end we see Lear naked in a vulnerable, broken state

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