Shakespeare in his tragedy play Macbeth, uses symbolism to convey the various abstract ideas of human mentality through physical means. We can see this being demonstrated through literal uses of light and dark colours, two polar opposites for contrast used for the illustration of the ideas of good and evil












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  1. I hope our conversation on Friday wasn’t too overwhelming Callum. I’d be very happy to answer any questions you might have of a similar nature if you do have them – and this time perhaps put the notes down in writing as well.

    In relation to the paragraph above, and the writing of your final essay:

    I’d encourage you to look carefully at the sample paragraph on the class website, as it demonstrates how you can use a clear formula of Statement, Example, Explanation to ensure you keep a clear logical sequence to your writing. – and to make sure you also use detailed reference to quotations in your ultimate answer.

    Also, as we’ve mentioned, the paragraph written by Otto together with support from the whole class is a good example of how to keep the logic of your argument clear while referring to a range of items of evidence and analysis.


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