Conch How is it described/introduced into the text? It is described How is it used? Used as a device to control conversation; whoever has possession over it gets to talk Find quotes where it is mentioned? What idea does it convey?

Ralph Appearance:  Fair hair, Male, Young, Taller than Piggy, Past childhood, Boxer’s body, Represents democracy, reason and order Language: Origins: Relationships: with Piggy: (intellect and reason): Co-operation relationship with Jack: competition/rival (evil) Jack Appearance: Floating coat, tall, thin, bony, redhead, wears a black hat, Represents evil, selfishness and the pursuit of power Language: Origins: Relationships: Piggy […]

In the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, a book about a group of school children stranded on a tropical island after their plane crashed and is set during a time of war. Lord of the Flies has a lot of underlying themes like the struggle of power, savagery and the civilisation of […]

Describe at least one important technique used In the lord of the flies    

Plot: Their plane has crashed Character: Setting: Language: Structure: Symbolism:

Plot: Character: Setting: Language: Structure: Symbolism:

Plot: Character: Setting: Language: Structure: Symbolism:

From the get go, we get hints on how civilisation is fragile at the moment. Coming into the book we know that a world war has only just broken out and that the book is centered around children making their own society after their plane crashes into an uncharted island. Plot: Character: Ralph, Jack Setting: […]

Frost lay scarce across the grass seen through four large glass panes of the classroom. Billy sits in an angst   Unless the ecology of the planet collapses, the citizens will ignore the warning signs. Now that the thames finally ran dry, all hope was lost Before the ecology of the planet collapsed, the citizens will ignore […]

Assessment topic: Adolescence (the flowers that once blossomed are slowly decaying) life and contrasting ideas. Flowers represent ambiguity, (the confidence turned to insecurity) (the Language uses: Noun phrases – using nouns to describe a thing using a sequence Imagery: Smell, Sight, Taste